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Dedicated to the practice of United States Immigration and Naturalization Law

Investor Visa Lawyer

Practice Areas

The Law Offices of Ilaria Cacopardo PA is dedicated to the practice of United States Immigration and Naturalization Law. We focus our practice on the following areas:

If you are not sure which one you qualify for, call us at (786) 534-9588 and schedule a consultation.

Temporary Visas, such as:
      • B1/B2 Visitor’s Visas;
      • E1/E2 Treaty Trader and Investor Visas;
      • F1 and M1 Student Visas;
      • H-1B Specialty Occupation (Professionals) Visas;
      • K-1 Fiancée Visas;
      • P-1 Athletes and Artists Visas;
      • J-1 and Q-1 Exchange Visitor Visas;
      • L-1 Intracompany Transfer Visas;
      • R-1 Religious Workers Visas;
      • Extraordinary Ability Worker Visas & more

Note: As there are numerous employment-based Visas, we carefully analyze your background and skills to determine the best course of action for you.

Permanent Residency, such as:
        • Family Sponsored Immigration;
        • EB-1 Foreign Nationals of Extraordinary Ability, Outstanding Professors and Researchers and Multinational Executives and Managers;
        • EB-2 Workers with Advanced Degrees or Exceptional Ability in the Sciences, Arts or Business;
        • EB-3 Skilled Workers and Professionals;
        • EB-4 Special Immigrant Visas;
        • EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program Visas;
        • DV-1 Visas (the “Green Card Lottery” Visas);
        • Refugee and Asylum Applications & more
Other Services, such as:
        • Naturalization Applications for Citizenship;
        • Deportation and Removal Proceedings;
        • FOIA Requests;
        • Waivers & more

**Note: The Law Offices of Ilaria Cacopardo PA reserve the right to deny a case at the discretion of the attorney.

We offer immigration services in three languages: