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Miami-Dade voters overwhelmingly oppose immigration crackdown

A poll in Miami-Dade shows that a majority of voters don’t view immigration as an issue and would like to see the federal government focus more on other problems. Even though a slim majority of those polled agreed with Miami-Dade mayor for cooperating with federal authorities on immigration, a majority of respondents across party lines agreed that undocumented immigrants are not taking jobs from American citizens and that the construction of a wall or an increase in deportation were not the right solution.
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In first 100 days, Trump has a lot to show on immigration

Despite setbacks on executive orders, and without any legislative accomplishment under its belt, statistics show that the Trump’s administration stance on immigration has already had some noticeable effects. Arrests and deportation of undocumented immigrants, including non-criminals, are at an all time high in the first 3 months of the Trump presidency. At the same time, the number of arrests at the border are at their lowest in 17 years, since the Customs and Border Patrol started recording statistics, which implies that the rhetoric of the new administration as well as extended powers granted to border agents, have, at least for the time being, acted as a deterrent for potential immigrants.
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Trump immigration policies facilitated by Clinton and Obama decisions

Interesting article from the Huffington Post on how Bill Clinton and Barack Obama’s immigration policies gave Donald Trump the tools to implement his immigration plans. Bill Clinton presided over the expansion of Border Patrol, the increase of law enforcement personnel, and eased deportation procedures. During his presidency, Barack Obama oversaw rises in deportation rates, to the point where looking at the numbers, Donald Trump’s policies seem more like a continuation than a drastic change.
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Judge blocks executive order sanctioning sanctuary cities

A California judge has blocked a Trump Executive Order that soughs to withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities for not cooperating with federal immigration authorities. The decision deals another blow to the administration’s effort to crackdown on illegal immigration while galvanizing supporters of the sanctuary policy who argue that cooperating with federal authorities undermines the trust in local law enforcement.
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Immigration enforcement bill moves through Florida legislature

Florida’s House Judiciary Committee voted to send to the full chamber a bill that would require state and local law enforcement to comply with federal immigration policies. The bill would prevent “sanctuary” policies and would push state and local officials to cooperate with federal authorities. Officials who don’t comply with the bill could face removal from office as a consequence.
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DREAMers are not the target of immigration policies according to officials

Homeland security secretary John Kelly and Attorney General Jeff Sessions reaffirmed over the weekend that DREAMers are not the target of the administration’s crackdown on illegal immigration. On Friday, President Trump told the AP that the federal government was not going after DREAMers, but after “criminals.”
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Justice Department formally warns 8 sanctuaries cities they must cooperate

The Justice Department sent letters on Friday formally asking California and 8 sanctuary cities, including Miami, to provide proof that they are cooperating with the federal government’s immigration policy or face the loss of federal grants. All the cities concerned have policies or laws that restrict the ability of local or state law enforcement agencies to cooperate with federal immigration officers and surrender illegal immigrants.
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According to the Miami Herald, a bill currently under review by the Florida Legislature would increase the penalties on immigrants illegally in the United States. But the bill also raises the question of the constitutional rights of undocumented immigrants. Even though due process is a constitutional right, recent court decisions make it unclear whether illegal immigrants would have the same rights as citizens.
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Deported DREAMer case assigned to Trump University judge

The case of the first known DREAMer to be deported by the Trump administration has been assigned to the judge who presided over the settlement of the Trump University and whose impartiality was called in question by Donald Trump during the presidential campaign for his Mexican heritage. The case might define how the Trump administration deals with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program which was originally introduced by President Obama.
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Trump signs executive order to reform H1-B visa program

The executive order aims at promoting the hiring of Americans and change the way H1-B visas, usually awarded to skilled foreign workers, would be implemented. But the reform may end up being too modest and would still allow high-tech firms – who rely heavily on the program – to hire foreign employees.
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Immigration arrests are up under the Trump Administration

ABC reports that immigration-related arrests have spiked 33% in the first three months of the Trump administration compared to the same time period last year. ICE just released statistics showing that over 21,000 arrests were made during the period Jan 20 – Mar 13, compared to a little over 16,000 over the same 3-month period in 2016.
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