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Trump immigration policies facilitated by Clinton and Obama decisions

Interesting article from the Huffington Post on how Bill Clinton and Barack Obama’s immigration policies gave Donald Trump the tools to implement his immigration plans. Bill Clinton presided over the expansion of Border Patrol, the increase of law enforcement personnel, and eased deportation procedures. During his presidency, Barack Obama oversaw rises in deportation rates, to the point where looking at the numbers, Donald Trump’s policies seem more like a continuation than a drastic change.
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Trump signs executive order to reform H1-B visa program

The executive order aims at promoting the hiring of Americans and change the way H1-B visas, usually awarded to skilled foreign workers, would be implemented. But the reform may end up being too modest and would still allow high-tech firms – who rely heavily on the program – to hire foreign employees.
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Record number of H1-B applications submitted as future of visa program in doubt

The New York Times reports that a record number of H1-B visa applications have been submitted prior to Monday, the first day of the official application period. These visas are predominantly popular with tech companies looking to hire temporary skilled workers. But the Trump administration has signaled that the program could be overhauled or shut down due to abuse by employers looking for cheap workers to the detriment of American workers.
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