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Immigration News

Conservative donors Koch brothers financing more programs to help immigrants

An interesting article from Time explains how the Koch brothers, some of the most important Republican campaign donors, are financially backing initiatives to help immigrants across the country. The LIBRE Initiative helps legal and illegal immigrants, including in Miami, study for driver’s license exams, citizenship tests or G.E.D’s. Representatives for the Koch-backed fund explain that their aim is to help people assimilate as fast as possible and get on the path to obtain legal status.
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New York setting up legal fund for immigrants facing deportation

The New York governor’s office announced that it will allocate $10 million to a defense fund to help illegal immigrants facing deportation get legal counsel. The Liberty Defense Project is a public-private partnership that has also received an additional $1.5 million commitment from private foundations. According to statistics, the vast majority of illegal immigrants who appear in court without legal defense end up being deported.
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Trump Administration rapidly trying to set up deportation force

The Washington Post reports that the Trump Administration is moving fast to assemble the deportation force promised by candidate Trump during the campaign. The force would integrate local law enforcement resources and rely on the additional hiring of ICE agents, to be facilitated by the end of polygraph tests and physical fitness tests.
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Undocumented immigrants in the food industry fighting Trump immigration policies

An interesting article from Fortune on how undocumented immigrants working in the food industry are fighting back against the Trump administration’s immigration stance. Undocumented immigrants form an important part of the staff in restaurants nationwide and have been the target of ICE raids since February.
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Trump administration suspends weekly report on immigration cooperation

The New York Times reports that the Trump administration is suspending the publication of ICE’s weekly immigration report. The report, required by a January executive order, was aimed at spotlighting cities and counties who were not assisting federal agencies with enforcing immigration policies but was said to contain too many inaccuracies.
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Miami kids are heading to Washington DC to protest immigration policies

A group of 40 children from Miami Dade is heading to the nation’s capital for a protest on immigration policies scheduled to take place on Thursday. The children, many of whom are the sons or daughters of illegal immigrants, are protesting the Trump administration’s new policies. The protest started against Miami Dade’s mayor who recently instructed local enforcement agencies to comply with the new administration’s immigration policies.
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Florida Sheriffs dispute ICE's non-cooperation claims

Florida Sheriffs pushed back against ICE’s “immigration list” singling out counties that are not cooperating with the federal agency to enforce immigration law. The weekly report compiled by ICE since January, lists local enforcement agencies that allegedly don’t comply with ICE’s detainer requests, but Florida Sheriff’s Association argued that they were honoring the requests “within the law.”
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California Senate approves bill protecting residents from deportation

California’s Senate has voted to to approve a bill that would protect local and state enforcement resources from assisting federal agencies such as ICE to deport illegal immigrants. Proponents of the bill argued that 70% of nationwide deportations happen with the cooperation of local enforcement agencies.
The bill, called the California Values Act, also ensures that the state’s residents have access to all vital public services such as schools, hospitals and police, regardless of their immigration status.
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As deportation numbers stagnate, signs of shifts in immigration attitudes

Despite the recent focus in the media on deportation policies and ICE raids, the number of illegal immigrants deported under the Trump administration is only slightly larger than under the Obama administration. Mexico’s foreign minister is quoted in The Guardian stating that the number of Mexican nationals deported had slightly fallen since Donald Trump took office.
There are, however, disturbing signs that local enforcement and state officials are shifting attitudes with regards to immigration: in New York, there are reports that the NYPD is is tipping off ICE to court dates of illegal immigrants facing deportation, despite the mayor vowing to maintain New York’s sanctuary city status. In some Southern states like Louisiana and Florida, state officials are considering anti-sanctuary city legislations.
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Record number of H1-B applications submitted as future of visa program in doubt

The New York Times reports that a record number of H1-B visa applications have been submitted prior to Monday, the first day of the official application period. These visas are predominantly popular with tech companies looking to hire temporary skilled workers. But the Trump administration has signaled that the program could be overhauled or shut down due to abuse by employers looking for cheap workers to the detriment of American workers.
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